Back to Basics of Product Listings with Emma Schermer Tamir



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Emma and I have a great discussion about how best to take advantage of Amazon’s product listings pages – whether your have a standard or Enhanced Brand Content page.

We discussed the differences in how your listing page looks on desktop and mobile and what you need to be aware of.

The number of characters from your description which are seen on mobile vary (depending on screen size etc) so you want to make sure the first 150 – 250 characters pack the most punch.

Here are two articles discussing this : and

Here is a FREE HTML editor for Amazon listings

Two other FREE tools we both like to check your listngs are:

If you would rather some-one else take care of all or some of this, you can contact Emma via her website HERE

To get an idea of EBC templates, here are images of the most popular templates Amazon used to provide to sellers which you can copy – or simply create your own.

Amazon EBC Templates