$239K in 1 Day – Get Ready for Prime Day

You can listen to the episode here – where I am basically walking you through the mindmap below (in case you can’t read my writing!).

Here is the list of actions:

  • Make sure products have a 50% or more profit margin (after product & shipping costs plus Amazon fees)

  • Make sure product has a very good star rating

  • To get deals if your product is given the opportunity, I recommend giving away as much margin as you feel comfortable (more if trying to sell out)

  • Make it attractive for Amazon to choose YOUR deal over your competiors by giving a good discount (better than they suggest) and a good quantity.

  • Before the day – do everything you can to make sure your product is ranked highly – I used Viral Launch to run 3 x 7 day launches on three of my products – all for the same keyword.  This meant that – a) all 3 products ranked page 1 on Prime Day and b) they were all frequently bought together!  **please note these launch campaigns are  not longer recommended, however there are now update “white hat” methods you can deply – eg chatbots etc to get similar results.

  • Also ran Facebook ads with discount codes (at break-even) for ranking using AMZ Promoter landing page to collect e-mail addresses.

  • 2 weeks out – ran FB ads to customer custome audience with an e-book incentive to join the e-mail list (Mailchimp landing page) .

  • 1 week out – ran FB ads to customer custom audience to join e-mail list for “heads up” on Prime Day deals.

On Prime day itself:

  • Product targeting ads on competing and related products with high budgets

  • Totally NEW automatic campaign with high budget – this means Amazon uses the money to “throw mud” at everything – remember to either switch this off or lower your budget next day!

  • E-mails sent out day before with the deal times and instructions to use the (superURL) links to ad products to wishlists – this means Amazon ALSO send reminder e-mails for deals.

  • E-mail also sent out on the morning of Prime Day – remining of deal times using superURL links

  • High budget Facebook ads for the first hour of every deal in order to drive outside traffic and make the deal popular for better ranking on the deals page.

That’s it!  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions using the contact form below or hit me up on social media.

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