Finding Products for Your Customers with Erin Taylor


Erin & I talk about her 5 year journey selling on Amazon FBA.  Listen on the player above or via your favourite podcasting app.

In the intro to this episode I mention three things you might wish to take advantage of :

  1. Amazon Product Checklist – download it for free HERE

  2. Jason Fladlien’s Copy e-class – get it for USD$1 (before May 2nd) HERE

  3. Join us for Monday Midday Coffee Catchup on Zoom – details each Monday in the Women on Amazon Facebook Group – join us HERE

In this episode I talk with Erin Taylor about how she went from corporate life, to retiring herself then starting her Amazon FBA business.

She mentions both her failures and successes and how she keeps moving forward.

Tools and trainings we discuss are as follows:

  • Amazing Selling Machine (Amazon training course) – find details HERE

  • Helium 10 for keyword tracking – get details HERE (use code H10WOA for 10% off for life)

  • Jungle Scout for product research (30% discount with this link)  HERE

  • Steve Simonson’s Awesomers Podcast – check it out HERE

  • Empowery Sellers Co-operative HERE

  • For user content competitions Erin used Wishpond – find them HERE